GIS Cafe Interviews Nick Ackerson of Laser Technology at INTERGEO Conference 2011

by Admin 24. October 2011 11:12

Nick Ackerson, Director of Marketing for Laser Technology, was interviewed by Sanjay Gangal from GIS Cafe while attending the 2011 INTERGEO Conference in Germany. Laser Technology was an exhibitor at the world renowned trade fair and conference held at the end of September and showcased the new TruPulse 360 R laser rangefinder, the latest in the TruPulse Series.

Ackerson, described the 360 R, as having a tilt sensor, a compass built into it and also having a software extension that works with some of the ESRI software products like ArcPad®. In furthering describing the laser Ackerson says, "It's very very versatile, rugged and it's a waterproof laser which addresses a need in the European market since it rains a lot." When asked about the laser's rugged ability and if it could handle a fall, Ackerson said, "yes, it's a very rugged laser, it's got a bit of a bounce to it."

The 360 R is a very simple and intuitive 3 button laser - "one button fires it, two buttons operate the menu which makes it a pretty simple laser for the foresters and some other industries out there," says Ackerson.

Other products shown at INTERGEO included the TruPulse 360, TruPulse 200 and LaserGIS for ArcPad®.

INTERGEO 2011 had over 16,000 attendees at the three-day event with the top dealers from all over the world in attendance.

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