Laser Technology TruPulse 360R Featured in NSS News Magazine

by jbartels 1. February 2012 14:38

The January 2012 issue of NSS News magazine features an article about Laser Technology's TruPulse360 R. The NSS News is a monthly publication sent to all members. The magazine Feature section typically include articles on cave exploration, cave conservation, cave hi story, or cave science. Regular columns include Technology (reviews and discussion of cave gear, high-tech and otherwise).

The article, written by Dave Decker, expresses how the new handheld rangefinder proved to be successful during a cave exploration."The 360R has all the standard disto features such as distance and inclination measurement. Since it also has azimuth measurement, it is capable of finding the "missing-line"." "An added bonus of the missing line mode is that the instrument can be removed from the walls of the cave to provide more accurate readings." The TruPulse360 R, was able to remain farther from magnetic anomalies within the cave rock. This is particularly important in lava tube caves where magnetic interference can be high.

Watch a video and read more about the TruPulse 360R - LTI's latest addition to the TruPulse Series.

Find out more about the National Speleological Society and the NSS News magazine.

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