LTI's TruPulse 360 an Asset in Measuring Wood Pellet Stockpiles

by mphippen 22. February 2012 11:13

Wood pellet factories are the new solution for heating and replacing oil. The TruPulse 360 is stepping up to the plate and ready to provide accurate laser measurement for wood pellet stockpiles for the states that are embracing this new technology.

The state of Maine is increasing the number of wood pellet-producing factories, currently the state has four with plans to build more. 'Fueling' Maine's economy, these factories keep the money in the state with local loggers providing the wood and Mainers employed at the plant manufacturing the pellets. "Take what used to be a dollar's worth of oil. The minute you write the check, 85 cents left the state," said Tom Wood of the Maine Forest Service during a recent interview with WMTW News 8. Wood oversees the more than $11 million federal stimulus program which, since 2009, has helped allow nearly two dozen schools and town office buildings across Maine convert from oil to pellet-burning heat systems. "We will displace on an annual basis more than 700,000 gallons of heating oil through the one program," said Wood and four additional plants are underway. Read the full article "Special Report: Wood Pellets Fuel Maine's Economy" from News 8.

When you consider the price of oil these days it's not hard to understand why other states are following Maine's lead. This increase in wood pellet manufacturing to replace heating oil or other fossil fuels will of course increase the demand for accurately measuring stockpile volume. Nick Ackerson of Laser Technology says, "The accuracy, safety, and efficiency of a product like the hand-held TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder takes the guesswork out of a cumbersome but necessary process. Why would anyone take chances on expensive, time consuming, and flawed methodology when the tool you need to do it is at your fingertips ?"

To learn more about Laser Technology's stockpile inventory solution and watch the TruPulse 360 in action, view the LTI Stockpile Inventory video.

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