Use Two Trails Software with Laser Technology Products

by scolburn 8. March 2012 19:14
Two Trails Software

"What do you do where GPS is not available?"

Timber cruisers and foresters needed a software program that focused on their needs out in the field and The Forest Management Service Center (FMSC) of the USDA Forest Service responded. Check out the popular surveying package Two Trails©. This software allows the operator to use a variety of survey methods to traverse the boundary of forest units and navigate to plot centers within the units in places where GPS is not available or accurate.

Specialized files are generated on the PC for cruise analysis and GIS portrayal. These spatial files are Geo-referenced and can easily be uploaded to ArcView or ArcMap. The spatial databases are attributed with calculated areas, perimeters and more. Two Trails will also generate files and drawings on the mobile-CE to help gather and edit data collection. View more information on Two Trails software.

Freeware that is maintained by FMSC, download Two Trails software and start being more productive in the field. Perform GPS surveying, determine your navigation track boundary and more. Combined with laser rangefinders such as Laser Technology's Impulse or the TruPulse 360 or 360R, foresters and timber cruisers can do their job quicker, easier and safer.

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