LTI's Business Partner Electronic Data Solutions Hosting Free Workshops

by jbartels 2. May 2012 10:07

Electronic Data Solutions, (EDS) along with Laser Technology and Juniper systems is hosting several free workshops on geospatial data collection using GPS or laser rangefinders.  The half-day workshops will be an opportunity to get your hands on the latest in field tools hardware and software solutions.  Highlighted products will be the TruPulse, Impulse, Criterion, TruAngle and more. Learn how to increase efficency in the field, integrate LaserGIS extension for ArcPad and use HydroPlus to position tag water quality data. To register for one of these free technical workshops in your area visit Electronic Data Solutions.  You won't want to miss this unique opportunity to see the new technologies in action and ask your questions firsthand.

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