TruPulse Part of EMI's Designing a World of Hope Projects in Africa

by jbartels 15. May 2012 15:26
EMI Project with TruPulse 360 R

Engineering Ministries International (EMI) is a non-profit organization made up of engineers, architects, land surveyors and construction professionals who volunteer their time and talents to help transform lives. EMI's vision is Designing a World of Hope for the physically and spiritually poor.

This summer the team will be working on a very large site in Nairobi with 300 acres. Going along with them will be Laser Technology's TruPulse 360 R laser rangefinder.

EMI Project with TruPulse 360 R

They will be using the TruPulse 360 R in two ways. There are a lot of existing buildings that need to be located and they need to establish control points. The villagers have also asked for help to locate their existing water basins and to help calculate the volume of it. EMI will use the TruPulse 360 R to take some shots from the shore to a boat or other floating devices and then take a measurement down to make this calculation.

Later this summer the team will travel to a village in the west side of Kenya. Traveling with heavy bulky equipment is not easy, so using the TruPulse 360 R will make their travels a lot faster and easier. They will be providing a basic location map for the ministry that has been in development the past 10 years. The village has a population of 10,000 people with over 5,000 of them being orphaned.



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