Learn How to Safely Measure Log Deck Inventory

by Admin 23. May 2012 14:41

Watch Laser Technology's Log Deck Volume Solution Webinar video.

At the recently held LTI's Survival Guide to Inventory: A Log Deck Volume Solution webinar, attendees learned how our new log deck volume solution works. Derrick Reish of LTI took everyone step-by-step through the process and showed just how easy with Log Deck it will be for them to take inventory safely and easily.

Make sure you watch the recording of the recent Log Deck webinar so you to can learn how to do things such as generate deck length and area, calculate MBF for specified log species and diameters, track "just in time" inventory and more.

Take a moment and read more about Log Deck Volume Solution.

Feel free to contact us today, our expert sales team will answer any questions you may have or provide a free demo. 1.877.OWN.A.LTI (877-696-2584) or check out our website www.lasertech.com.


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