Laser Technology Visits Customers in Mexico City

by scolburn 5. June 2012 16:01

For the first time in many years, Laser Technology made a trip to Mexico City this spring to visit many of its customers in the area. Steve Colburn, Director of Sales for North America, was asked by a recent stockpile system customer to come down for a training session. After spending a couple of days out in the field working with the company's measurement group, they were very pleased with the results they were getting. Managers had traveled from all States in the country to learn how to run their new system.

The opportunity was also taken to visit LTI's local Sensor representatives as well as talk with a few new ones. The Denver office of the World Trade Organization had recently completed a report on the distribution potential in Mexico and many of these qualified leads were followed up on. Steve then scheduled a meeting and training session with his local Trimble MGIS dealer, SIGSA, at one of their offices in the city. There was a great turn-out at the event, with all of the sales people who handle LTI products in attendance. Products covered in the training included the Criterion RD1000, T&D Pro software and the new TruPulse 360 R and LaserGIS software extension for ArcPad. Luckily, Steve knows enough Spanish to be dangerous and effective communication was achieved.

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