Plant a Tree and Fight Crime!

by mphippen 5. July 2012 08:21

LTI's TruPulse 360 Can Help Map and Measure.

In a recent article in the Baltimore Sun, researchers have linked healthy stands of trees with leafy canopies as an important role in reducing crime. The article states, with “Just a 10 percent increase in leaf canopy was associated with a 12 percent drop in crime.” This is a remarkable finding and flies in the face of the long held belief that bushes and trees provide cover for criminals. This should be the rally cry for every Urban Forester in the country!

Knowing the city’s resources and planting trees has always increased our quality of life. But now this simple act has an even more important function. Targeting specific high crime areas for tree planting should be mandated by our civic leaders to increase public safety. If this isn’t enough for cities to invest in GIS mapping and measurement of all tree canopies on both private and public lands, then nothing will!

The data listed in the Baltimore Sun article, "Trees linked to less crime, research finds," will provide a baseline from which to measure this program’s relative success. Laser Technology’s TruPulse 360 is an inexpensive and accurate way to accomplish this important objective.

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