Forestry Webinar Series: Laser Mapping - GIS for Foresters Video

by Admin 10. July 2012 13:49

Watch Laser Technology's GIS/Forestry - Laser Mapping Webinar Video below.

At LTI's first in a three-part Forestry-based Webinar series, GIS/Forestry - Laser Mapping, attendees learned how to integrate mapping lasers with field data collections software. They also were privy to invaluable tips such as when and how to calibrate the TruPulse 360, what can affect your accuracy and other tricks that can help make foresters job of collecting data easier and safer.

Derrick Reish of LTI showed participants not only how to establish a reference point using LaserGIS for ArcPad but went thru the steps all the way to transferring data into a GIS. Read more on how Laser Technology products are assisting in the Forestry industry.

After watching the video, if you have any questions or would like a free demo on one of our products, feel free to contact our expert sales team at 1.877.OWN.A.LTI (877-696-2584) or check out our website

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