Measuring Tree Height of Champion Ponderosa Tree

by Admin 20. July 2012 09:34

LTI Laser Range Finder Provides Exact Measurement

Robert Leverett, co-founder of the Native Tree Society, definitely has a passion for measuring trees and he was determined to measure a champion ponderosa in Southwest Colorado. As stated in a recent article in The Durango Herald,"Anywhere I go, I measure trees," Leverett said during the Hermosa Creek outing Thursday. "It's compulsive. I'm obsessed." To be able to obtain the exact height, he had to have the highest-quality laser range finder. In stepped Steve Colburn, director of sales for Laser Technology Inc. who knowing what Leverett would need came equipped with an Impulse and a TruPulse laser range finder.

"The height of a tree is important, Leverett said. It indicates the growing potential of a site; it’s an expression of what the tree can do; and it’s a factor in calculating a tree’s volume, which determines how much carbon it can sequester." The results came in for the ponderosa, topping out at 160.6 feet, and of course, there were some other trees Leverett measured that day too, a fir and a blue spruce. Read the full article, "Crowning the kings of the forest" to see how these topped out.

Earlier this summer, Colburn also participated in another tree height measuring expedition with Leverett, take a moment and read LTI Participates in Advance Tree Measuring Workshop at Cook Forest, to see what happened. All I'm going to say is wait till you read the height of this tree!

Check out how Laser Technology products have been effectively providing foresters with accurate tree height measurements quickly and safely for many years.

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