Surveying European Farms for Subsidies

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European farmers, when asking for grants, often have to declare the area to be subsidized. This area can be agricultural or forest land. The area of the agricultural land is commonly measured by GNSS equipment. However, in forest, treetops and underbrush or any steep slope screen GPS antenna. This can significantly reduce or completely degrade the signal reception, significantly reducing the accuracy or prohibitively increasing the time needed to capture this signal.

TruPulse 360 Surveying European Farms
Surveying with TruPulse 360 and Field-Map software

Therefore, IFER-Monitoring and Mapping Solutions, Ltd. offers its own Field-Map technology. Field-Map is a GIS mobile system including the software application Field-Map, field computer (Windows OS) and electronic measuring devices. The key components of this technology for its application for measurement of agricultural and forest land area are the real-time GIS software Field-Map and the laser rangefinder TruPulse 360. The basic hardware configuration weighs approximately 2.5-3 kg depending on the weight of the field computer chosen. The laser rangefinder TruPulse 360 guarantees mapping in local coordinate system. Georeferencing in the proper map projection system is then solved by taking a GPS reference point on the forest boundary or in its vicinity, in any place with good reception (clearings, forest roads, etc.).

The European restrictions on land measurement subsidized by EU grants allow a maximum positional error expressed in the form of buffer width of the measured area. For forest land the error is set at maximum 3 m and for agricultural land at maximum 1.5 m. The responsible EU institution Join Research Centre, after verifying the testing and the data analysis carried out by IFER-MMS staff, found the mean reproducibility of the testing to be 0.34 meters. This result validates the efficiency of the Field-Map technology including TruPulse putting this technology into the highest class of accuracy.

For more info visit Field-Map website

written by Mr. Alan Zambarda, IFER - Monitoring and Mapping Solutions, Ltd (IFER-MMS)

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