Tree Height Measurement Using the Latest Technology

by mphippen 19. October 2012 12:09

More than 200 freshmen from the University of Vermont are taking to the streets of Burlington, all part of a new effort to quantify the benefits of the city's urban forests. New technology, in the form of iTree (a free computer program developed by the Forest Service), is driving their studies. The program helps the students monitor urban forest health, as well as economic and environmental value of the forests.

Groups of three from UVM's environmental school will visit 200 randomly-selected spots, taking note of any vegetation in their area. The program -- part of one of their classes -- began last year and continues this year.

"It's a lot of fun to be able to go out every week and not sit in a classroom for 4 hours. We get to go out into the real world," says environmental studies freshman, Kelsey Tustin.

It’s really too bad these kids will be logging/collecting information utilizing hip chains, clino’s, and a yellow pad. Perhaps that’s a bit exaggerated; nevertheless, it’s representative of old technology. Just think if the University offered a solution using LTI’s comprehensive mapping lasers and software:

The students could have achieved their goal in a single outing! This would have left more time for study!

Of course, we do understand the need to show students the "old" way of doing things, but it's important to be up on the latest technology for measuring tree heights, etc.

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source: NASF Weekly - Friday, October 12, 2012

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