TruPulse 360 Reaches Heights Needed for Peregrine Falcon Study

by smiller 25. October 2012 12:11

Location, location, location...we've all heard how important it is when settling in a home, so why is it any surprise that location is one of the main issues with peregrine falcons in the State of New York? To be more specific, the 'location' of where the falcons place their nests has been a major challenge for biologist Scott Crocoll of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

Peregrine Falcon Study and Use of Laser Measurement

For many years now, he has been responsible for monitoring and collecting data on these endangered birds of prey. Instinctively these birds like to place their nests high above ground in safe and secure places albeit difficult for humans to reach. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation was one of the first in Natural Resource Management agencies to use laser measurement as solutions for their programs.

GPS, LTI's Criterion, and in recent years, the TruPulse 360 have provided Scott with a much easier, safer and quicker method of collecting data needed for his studies of the Peregrine Falcon. No more climbing cliffs or tall buildings, like I said, it is all about location and Scott prefers his feet to be located on the ground!

Read the case study of Peregrine Falcon Nest Surveying and Mapping - New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

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