LTI Participates in Advanced Tree Measuring Workshop at Mohawk Trail State Forest

by scolburn 15. November 2012 18:02

Another Advanced Tree Measurement Workshop was put on by Bob Leverett and the Native Tree Society on the 12th of October. This one was co-hosted by the Mass. Dept. of Conservation & Recreation at their Mohawk Trail State Forest in the northwestern corner of the state. Representatives from LaserTech were also in attendance with plenty of TruPulse laser rangefinders on hand. Attendees ranged from Big Tree enthusiasts, to State officials and members of Academia.

The session opened with talks given on the history of the local forest, tree measuring techniques and instrumentation. The group then adjourned to the nearby grounds to practice these techniques on a couple of sample trees. After a hasty lunch we went out in search of some of the giants found in these woods.

One of the star attractions is the majestic Jake Swamp tree, an Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus) which rises to a height of 171.0 feet above the forest floor - the tallest known tree in all of New England. This measurement was eagerly confirmed by the group using the Vertical Distance screen in the TruPulse.

Bob generously pointed out a good location where we could take multiple shots to the top, to find the highest point, and then make a shot to a marker placed on the tree near the base. The two VD's are added (plus the offset to the marker) and the total Height of Jake is calculated.

We carried on in this manner throughout a whole section of this ancient forest, down through the gully and up over the ridge, hunting for the stately giants.

Bob told us tales of the early settlers and commerce in the area and at one point we cut the namesake foot trail, used in days of old by native tribes to move between the Hudson & Connecticut River valleys.

With purpose in mind, these Advanced Tree Measurement Workshops not only educate society and set standards for measuring the trees but also make the connection to the human history of this vital natural resource and the importance of both preserving and managing it.

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