iTelligent Adaptors - TruPulse and iPhone Integration is Here!

by dreish 5. December 2012 11:17

Did you ever want to take a photo of a feature and the laser measurement in your display, or take a video recording of a height or missing line measurement? Think about it; from the field directly to the home office your image gives your team real time evaluation and troubleshooting capabilities as they see what you see!

Introducing iTelligent™ Adaptors, integrating the iPhone 4/4S with a TruPulse Laser Rangefinder; a breakthrough in Professional Measurement! Just attach the adaptor to the iPhone 4/4S and TruPulse - using the iPhones default camera, take a measurement and capture the photo right there. Send these photos to clients, coworkers or your boss.

iPhone and TruPulse
integrated with iTelligent Adaptor.

Document your work! With recent N.E.R.C. regulations and fines and the ever present threat of litigation, iTelligent™ Adaptors facilitate a complete time/date stamped photographic/video record stored with your original measurement data. iTelligent™ Adaptors are the most comprehensive system of protection and connectivity ever produced for a smart device.

Your decisions in the field whether you’re a professional Forester, Vegetation Management Manager, Urban Forester, or a Utility professional, the documentation of your work not only protects you and your company, it’s an absolute must for training! N.E.R.C. standards and requirements have potential noncompliance fines ranging into the tens of millions of dollars, so don’t leave yourself at their mercy. Document and record all your work.

Protect your iPhone with ULTEM™ the new matte textured composite bumper case. While achieving a lightweight futuristic design that is both sleek and stylish, it still maintains a covert status for your device. Connect to any TruPulse model and capture photos and/or videos of the measurements being taken.

To further protect your device we also include an industrial grade Carbon Fiber graphic backer and Natural View screen protector, both by 3M™. Not only does this further protect the device, it also adds a matte non-reflective finish.

Connecting with the iTelligent™ ULTEM™ case, is our 360 clocking optics adaptor for use with the TruPulse eyepiece adaptor. The adaptor allows the use of the iPhone camera to connect, orient and interface with any TruPulse model. Adaptors are anodized in Teflon®, the strongest and most durable finish available today!

The iTelligent™ Bumper Case and Adaptor are separate pieces but must be used together to attach and view through both optics. The ULTEM™ Composite iPhone case slides out of the adaptor with ease and is then ready for rugged everyday use by demanding professionals.

For those whom don’t want a new bumper case, there is a stand-alone "Stowable" adaptor for iPhone 4/4S. Simply slide your iPhone in our Teflon® adaptor and you are ready to go. We have also included 1/4-20" tripod mounting points on both sides on the case for further flexibility. This adaptor is positive locking just like our other adaptors and still utilizes our 360 clocking ring for precision adjustment with the TruPulse eyepiece adaptor. The Stowable case is made out of 6061 Aluminum, Anodize with Black Teflon Finish, ¼-20 mounts.

VERY IMPORTANT: The TruPulse Eyepiece Adaptor fits all TruPulse models, even earlier versions with the smooth eyepiece. The adaptor is made out of 6061 aluminum, type 2 anodize with Teflon seal. None of the components interfere with the compass sensor in the TruPulse 360 models.

Read more information on the new iTelligent™ Adaptors from LTI.

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