LTI Stockpile Volume Solution is the Key to Measuring Inventory

by jjablonski 15. January 2013 11:53

Piles, and Piles and Piles to Go!

It's been an amazing last year in the Midwest, the old Rust Belt area. No rust has been measured….but close!

When Laser Technology introduced its Stockpile Volume Solution 10+ years ago, the initial market focus was to the Aggregate and Minerals Industries. Instead of having LIDAR Fly-Overs and waiting for the expensive results, walking unsafe and unsteady piles with GPS, or hiring Survey Crews at over $1,000 per day, these guys were looking to control costs and get quicker results.

LTI's Stockpile Volume Solution
being used to measure broken glass.

When properly trained on how to use our Stockpile Solution, these quarry guys have been thrilled to get piles measured as needed. Pure D.I.Y. Maybe it's once a year, but most often they measure once per quarter and some once per month. The Accounting people are happy because they get good, frequent inventory values, and the Operations people can plan their production most effectively.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but word has spread! A major glass bead manufacturer brought LTI on board to see if we could get his in-process inventory under control. We were able to demonstrate that anyone could use our system, get reliable results, and now all six of his manufacturing sites measure their incoming rail and truck inventory with Laser Technology's products. Now you know where that broken windshield glass was recycled!

Stockpile Volume Solution by LTI
measures corn cob piles in Illinois.

Last Summer, I assisted a major Feed, Seed and Fertilizer Dealer in planning for better inventory control for his product stored in large rooms and bins. His business must have been great because I was then contacted by a major grain producer in the Midwest. Their application was to measure very large piles of corn cobs. Yes, that's right! Mountains of corn cobs are gathered out on the farms throughout the Midwest. After the corn kernels have been harvested, there is still organic material and value in the cob. They are crushed, and further processed to become valuable organic material for other products like animal beds, blasting media, and absorbent fillers.

The Forestry Industry also needs to know how many tons of materials are stored in their inventory. For the lumberjacks, we can assist in Inventory Control in two methods. After the trees are felled, they are grouped together for a future transport to the mill. At this forest site, or when they get to the mill location, you can use Laser Technology products to measure and calculate volume in MBF - specifically our Log Deck Volume Solution.

Forestry Industry uses LTI products
to measure and calculate volume in MBF.

At the mill, the logs are turned into large piles of chips to be processed. Just in the final month of last year, as the early snow was falling in the Upper Midwest, I trained two sites in use of our Stockpile Volume Solution to measure chip piles! Different sites….much different products. One is a larger international paper company, and the other uses mainly hardwood chips to manufacture panel board products for interior uses.

I did mention that I work in the Rust Belt…..No piles of Iron Oxide measured yet, but there is a major metals processing facility that is measuring and re-using their accumulated scrap out of their machining and extruding processes. Less Waste to be trucked to a landfill!

The Laser Technology Stockpile Volume Solution has been proven easy and convenient to use, and accurate to meet various inventory process needs. How can we help you to safely measure your bulk materials? Call 1-800-OWN-A-LTI or Email us for a practical demonstration today!

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