Timber Cruising Tasks Simpler with LTI Laser Rangefinder

by mphippen 12. April 2013 11:16

"Families—not the federal government—are the largest ownership group of America's forest land. That’s right--families. And they own more than 250 million acres! Yet, many private woodland owners aren't actively engaged in keeping their woods healthy and productive.

Used to be, woodlands could be left alone, but today, there are many threats to the health of forests: pests and pathogens, invasives, drought and severe weather, development pressures and fragmentation. Still, many woodland owners think it’s best to do nothing, which actually is not a good idea. But what’s even worse? Doing the wrong thing! " --American Forest Foundation

Timber Cruising helps keep forests healthy.
Cruising a stand of trees to determine its potential value is one of several reasons this activity is important. Fulfilling the mandates of a forest management plan is another. Foresters and assessors use timber cruising to keep an eye on growth and the health of the forest as well. Many forest management plans specify regularly scheduled field work to monitor the conditions in the forest. Timber cruising can reveal things like storm damage, pest infestations, and illegal logging! This is vital in sustaining our woodlands overall condition and productivity. Timber cruising is conducted by trained and licensed foresters or timber professionals. Having said this:

The days of clinos, chains, and hand-held compasses are gone!

Timber cruisers can now make tree heights and diameter measurements a simple task. Surveying jobs such as sale boundaries and stem mapping can now become effortless. If you are involved with mill operations and need to measure chip or log volumes, nothing could be easier than when using Laser Technology's laser rangefinders and software solutions.

Imagine not having to wade through creeks or fight through foliage just to get a usable field measurement.

TruPulse 360 and Criterion RD 1000
With the revolutionary compass technology found in the TruPulse 360, you decide how and where you want to shoot, allowing you to measure reliable azimuth data when pointing at steep angles, facilitating the execution of management plans with ease.

Add a foliage filter and start penetrating dense brush as if it weren't even there; or set your laser to farthest mode and be positive that you are not picking up any unwanted obstructions.

If you have worked in the forest before, and most of you have, you don't need to be reminded how hard it can be to position yourself in just the right spot for your equipment to work properly. Let's then take away decent lighting conditions so you can struggle to take those black markings found with your equipment's scope, and align them with a dark colored tree.

This is precisely why Laser Technology developed the Criterion RD 1000 - the first-of-its-kind measurement tool designed with forestry professionals in mind. Foresters can also use it to determine how quickly trees are growing, and when those trees might be ready for harvest.

Combine your observations with precision laser mapping and you have all the ingredients necessary to deliver a management plan founded on precision not rough estimates.

Read more information on LTI products are being helpful in Timber Cruising and Forestry.

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