Laser Technology, Inc. Announces Partnership with F4Devices

by Admin 13. May 2013 13:38

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) is pleased to announce a new partnership with F4Devices, a division of F4 Tech.

F4Devices will provide LTI a custom version of its Flint handheld for use as the data collector in our Professional Measurement Software Solutions. This custom version of the Flint S-Series rugged handheld is now available to the current LTI distribution channel for purchase and resale. This mobile device will be branded under BAP Precision, F4Devices’ strategic partner in rugged mobile computing development.

Introducing this data collector into our PM software solutions significantly reduces the package price. All LTI products will communicate seamlessly to the BAP data collector using either Bluetooth or the optional Serial/USB cable.

"We now bring to our customers a data collector software solution that combines LTI products such as Face Profiler, MapSmart Field & Volume Software, Log Deck Volume Solution, T&D Pro Software with the BAP data collector. It is exciting to provide this additional solution to our customers," said Derrick Reish, Sr. Product Manager of LTI.

Read the full product announcement and see the full details on the software solutions available with this new partnership.

For more information please contact LTI at 1-800-OWN-A-LTI or


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