Esri 2013 Forestry / GIS Conference Recap

by nackerson 1. June 2013 13:13

Laser Technology, Inc. recently attended the annual Esri Forestry / GIS conference out in Redlands, CA at the ESRI headquarters. This is a special and important event for LTI as it garners a great deal of attention and benefit for people who attend, such as our end-users. What separates this conference from other conferences is that we actually get to personally demonstrate the capabilities of our TruPulse line of laser rangefinders in real Forestry and GIS/GPS focused environments. The conference allows us the flexibility to run stations to where customers and end-users can interact on a very personal level with the Product Managers and Sales staff of LTI.

As you will see in the links below, Laser Technology, Inc. is one of the few business partners that contribute greatly to the show from presence, to sponsorships, to giveaway, presentations, speaking engagements and actual hands-on use of our world class professional grade laser range finders. The conference was a great success for us and until next year, we await the release of the videos taken from the conference which we will put up upon receipt. Sign up or stay tuned to the LTI Professional Measurement blog.

View ESRI conference photos and ESRI conference presentations. Derrick Reish from LTI was a speaker there so make sure to check out his two presentations: 1) Forestry Measurement Tools & Techniques and 2) Laser Offset Data Collection Utilizing ArcGIS for Windows Mobile.

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