TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Plays Role in PGA Tour

by Admin 1. July 2013 11:29

The TruPulse 360B has become an integral part of the equipment used on the fairways of the PGA Tour this past year. At each fairway "landing-zone" the equipment includes an LTI 360B TruPulse Laser Rangefinder, mounted to a Topcon antenna pole; and Topcon's GRS-1 GNSS receiver. This system known as the 'ShotLink system' is used in every tournament that is a part of the PGA TOUR's Champion TOUR (formerly the Seniors TOUR); TOUR (formerly the Nationwide TOUR); and the flagship PGA TOUR.

According to The American Surveyor article "Each one of the three tournaments is supported by 20 GRS-1 rover devices, 20 LTI 360B TruPulse lasers, a NETG3A reference station and TopNET software running inside of the PGA TOUR system."

Changing over to this new system was what Jason Killpack, Topcon’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, called a 'perfect fit'. He states "What ShotLink was asking us to do is something we regularly do in mapping applications." “A typical job for us would be a mapper who wants to measure a tree that is in the distance someplace or in an area that is inaccessible. To do so, he'd use a laser range finder to measure the offset distance and then our GRS-1 receiver would calculate the object's three dimensional position. So it was a perfect fit for what the PGA TOUR was asking, with the added plus that our instrument for gathering that data is much smaller — it can be hand-held — much easier to use and much lighter than the 35-40 pounds of equipment the volunteers had used in the past."

Read the full article and see more images at "PGA Tour Looks Skyward for Improvements to its ShotLink System.

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