LTI Adds New Laser Rangefinders to the TruPulse Series.

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TruPulse 200L & TruPulse 200X Are Welcome Additions to the TruPulse Family

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) announces the expansion of the LTI TruPulse laser rangefinder series with the release of the TruPulse 200L and the TruPulse 200X. The TruPulse series of rangefinders are used by tens of thousands professionals worldwide both in the professional measurement and traffic safety industries.

In response to feedback from our customers, LTI developed both the TruPulse 200L, a low-cost professional measurement laser rangefinder; and the TruPulse 200X, an extremely accurate rugged weatherproof laser rangefinder.

In the press release, product manager Derrick Reish comments, "These new measurement instruments are designed to address gaps in our measurement portfolio and we expect they’ll be every bit as important to our customers as our other TruPulse models are."

TruPulse 200L & 200X rangefinders -
New Additions to TruPulse series

The TruPulse 200L Laser Rangefinder has a built-in inclinometer, aka tilt sensor, and has the capability to measure horizontal distances to extremely far targets without a reflector. The graphical icons makes it easy for the end user to navigate the menus. Costing less and outperforming many recreational rangefinders, the 200L laser is proving to be the professional laser rangefinder with a consumer price.

The TruPulse 200X Laser Rangefinder not only can adjust to any lighting condition with its new bright red LED in-scope display, it also produces much higher precision measurements with +/- 4 cm (2 in) range accuracy and 0.1 degree for the inclination accuracy. Top it off with a case that is rugged and weatherproof, this laser rangefinder can withstand the harshest conditions imaginable.

The TruPulse family of laser rangefinders include the original TruPulse 200, 200B and the TruPulse 360 series which have TruVector 360° Compass Technology. Read more information on the TruPulse Series and see which one is right for your laser measurement needs.

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