Esri UC 2013 Recap

by dreish 12. August 2013 09:29

Laser Technology Inc. exhibited at this year's Esri International User Conference July 8-12, 2013 which had over 15,000 attendees with 118 Countries represented. For five days, this conference provided Esri software training, hundreds of user presentations, vendor and map displays from around the world and special interest group meetings that connected LTI with GIS users from all around the world.

The conference was a huge success for LTI from unveiling two new products, new booth theme, and presentations up to our Dealer/Partner Social.

Some of LTI's highlights from the conference:

New TruPulse 200 Models
  • Introducing 2 new TruPulse 200 models
    • We developed both the TruPulse 200L, a low-cost professional measurement laser rangefinder; and the TruPulse 200X, an extremely accurate rugged weatherproof laser rangefinder from customer feedback.
  • New Booth graphic theme
    • Hexagon layout
    • Check out these photos
  • Interview with GISCafe
    • Derrick Reish, Sr. Product Manager for the Professional Measurement Division was interviewed by Sanjay Gangal from GISCafe.Com. You can see the interview here: GISCafe Interview

  • Mobile Mapping using Lasers & Smartphone presentation
    • Over 40 people attended the "Lunch & Learn" presentation
    • LTI's New Booth Graphics
      LTI's New Booth Graphics
    • LTI & GeoSpatial Experts presented Joint Use pole surveys as an example of how the TruPulse® laser & GeoJot+ system can collect multiple height values and a geotagged photo. All of this can be collected on your smartphone, in real time, and sent to the cloud to make maps and reports in the office.
  • What LTI's Sales force said about the conference:
    • "Vast applications for GIS with our lasers. Everything from simple tree heights to aerial data collection from UAV’s."
    • "Incredible amount of spatial information available to everyone, with just a little bit of research."
    • "Mobile solutions are moving ahead at a very fast pace, at every level."
    • "Attendance down but booth traffic was flat – that's good!"
    • "Lots of good comments on our new brochure/trade show graphic design."
    • "No other competitors there and lots of TruPulse units in LTI Partners booths."
    • Derrick Reish Interviewed by GISCafe
    • "I was impressed on how many distributors we had there."
    • "I thought it was impressive how many people were interested in looking at the TP on an iPad."
    • "Mobile Apps are the wave because it's all about people getting done what they need to while in the field to reduce office/desk work."
    • "LTI has a good position in the market and is well represented for our niche."
    • "Pre and Post show marketing was the best I've ever seen it for us, I loved all the new product marketing as well as social media activity."

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