Video: Field Measurement & Mobile Mapping Tools & Techniques

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Have you as a professional ever wondered how to safely and easily take the necessary measurements and map while out in the field? In the video recording of our recently held webinar "Field Measurement & Mobile Mapping Tools & Techniques" LTI experts step up and show you the basics of taking field measurements with recommended laser measurement tools such as Laser Technology's TruPulse laser rangefinders. Professionals learn how to take the most efficient and effective measurements whether it's distance, height, 2d slope, 3d missing line or azimuth.

Field Measurement & Mobile Mapping Tools & Techniques Video
Recorded July 31, 2013 10:00 am (MDT)

Field Measurement 101

Paul Adkins and Derrick Reish of Laser Technology, explain the value of using pulse laser (aka reflectorless) technology which is what all LTI laser measurement products use. Reflectorless technology is more compact, portable, affordable, has a strong safety factor and is a fraction of the cost of phase laser technology. It also allows you to shoot to any type of surface or target and acquire measurements with just one person. There is no need for that second person holding a prism pole to get the information anymore!

They discuss how all TruPulse laser rangefinder models measure slope distance and degree of inclination and then calculate the vertical distance and horizontal distance, in which horizontal distance is really the true key distance measurement that people need out in the field.

A demonstration is given which shows slides of how to measure height or clearance, measuring missing line, acquiring "correct" measurement, etc. and also explain about the modes on the TruPulse. For example, advance target mode is built in for closest / farthest and the filter mode blocks out "noise" and picks up the object and not the background noise (such as trees).

TruPulse Models

In watching the video, you will become familiar with LTI's TruPulse laser rangefinders from the new TruPulse 200L & TruPulse 200X to the TruPulse 360 and learn the differences between the models.

  • TruPulse 200L model is described as extremely low-cost and very comparable to a recreational rangefinder. The ideal laser for a beginner, pretty easy to use, with a range 1750 meters.
  • TruPulse 200/B provides better distance and inclination accuracy, 7x optic magnification, better enhanced view, a serial port & bluetooth capabilities.
  • TruPulse 200X offers the highest distance and inclination accuracy of all TP models, has LED display which gives it the ability to be able to be used in any lighting conditions so it can be viewed from dusk to dawn. It is also the only TruPulse that talks to IOS devices.
  • TruPulse 360 / B / R series is the only one that has the capability of azimuth measurement. There is a built-in compass on the 360 line which offers a lot of flexibility out in the field and this onboard solution is being used by professionals all over the world.

Derrick Reish of LTI explains, "Incorporating that compass sensor into the TruPulse 360 really allows us to take measurements to the next level. You really don't need GPS to do remote positioning when you have the TruPulse 360, the software does the calculation once it has a known coordinate."

The TruVector 360┬░ Compass Technology used in the TruPulse 360 has boasting rights as there is nothing like it in the world - it gives professionals the ability to shoot from any position, even hold it upside down. There are no pitch and roll limitations.

The 360 models all provide full measurement capabilities, onboard routines, same magnification powers, tilt-sensor, compass sensor - the only difference between the models is the ruggedability of the TruPulse 360R.

Mobile Mapping Solutions / Software Integrations

  • MapStar TruAngle is great to use where there is magnetic interference which will make a compass highly vulnerable. The TruAngle is valuable in working areas where people are dealing with heavy equipment or power lines.
  • FotoMapr L100 GPS product stores your data on a microSD card, integrates with any TP laser, and is compatible with smartphones, windows mobile devices, interface to ios, Android, and GPS devices.
  • LaserSoft Measure is a new product that is not on the market yet, in fact is being approved by Apple as we speak. This software captures the raw data of any of our TruPulse models and integrated can take a photo of the object that you're measuring.
  • MapSmart integrates with all our TruPulse models, and is a pretty powerful module that calculates stockpile volume right out in the field.
  • ArcPad┬« is a software solution by esri that does laser offsets, offset points, and has laser interface built right in. This can be hard to use so LTI developed LaserGIS for ArcPad to help make it easier to get your measurements.
  • ArcGIS for Windows Mobile lets you collect, edit, update features and attributes but there is not a laser extension for smart phones.
  • GeoJot+ - GeoSpatial experts did a good job on this product. It easily transfers licenses between devices, runs on most mobile devices (ios and Android), and the integration is nice as it generates reports and exports shape files; and is via accessible to the cloud so anyone in the office can access as soon as you put it up there.

If you've ever needed to calculate stockpile volumes; needed a measurement in an area where there is magnetic interference; or wanted ability to capture raw data and send photos of the object right to your office while in the field, our experts show you products that do just that!


LTI laser measurement products are used out in the field by professionals worldwide for applications such as Electric / Utilities, Natural Resources, Forestry, Telecommunications, Construction, Mining or Public Works. Whatever your measurement need is, Laser Technology has the solution for you.

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