Tree Climbers, Arborists and Height Measurers Unite for "Citizen Science"!

by scolburn 18. October 2013 12:24

Laser Technology Participates in Tree Height Workshop and Tree Climber Rendezvous

The year's Fall Tree Height Measurement Workshop put on by the Native Tree Society (NTS) was ingeniously co-located with Tree Climbers International's Annual Rendezvous, held at Simpsonwood Conference Center in Norcross, GA. With the focus of this year's meeting dedicated to the idea of "Citizen Science", NTS took a lead role in exposing the climbers to American Forest's Big Tree program and the work they are doing to set up measurement guidelines for it. A great benefit of this program is to provide data to scientists on tree distribution and growth patterns.

Tree Height Measurement Workshop

Craig Wright, local LTI sales rep, was on hand to meet the group and learn more about tree measurement. The company's TruPulse laser rangefinder product line, now expanded to cover those on a tight budget all the way up to those needing the highest degree of accuracy, was shown to quickly and repeatedly make all the measurements needed on the tree.

An advanced session was held where tree volume was discussed and the Criterion RD1000 was demonstrated to add diameter values at various height on the tree to aid in these calculations.

It was an excellent conference, strategically located on a site with plenty of big trees, room & board and a conference room for evening sessions with a diverse yet cohesive and talented collection of speakers.

Laser Technology has been producing laser measurement products for Forestry since 1992 when we changed the way timber was mapped and measured forever with the introduction of the Criterion 400. For more information or to get a hands-on demonstration on LTI products for use in the industry, call us at 1-800-OWN-A-LTI or via email.

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