Laser Technology’s Impulse 200 LR and MapSmart® Software Used in Tree Mapping Application

by KHarrold 18. November 2013 14:15

American Surveyor magazine featured a cover story this month about a hunter, Michael Taylor. Not a hunter of wildlife, but a tree hunter. Similar to wildlife, trees have footprints that are clues to their total existence. Taylor, a member of the Native Tree Society, documents these tree footprints using Laser Technology Inc.'s Impulse 200 LR rangefinder along with an Archer Field PC® from Juniper Systems equipped with MapSmart Field Mapping Software .

To map the footprint of a tree, Taylor takes measurements from several places around the tree where the trunk and the ground meet with the Impulse 200 LR. "I have not found a better set of tools for the job," said Taylor.

From the staggering size of a Ponderosa pine to the small oak tree the system accurately maps tree footprints. Taylor further evaluates these tools mentioned above and his tree hunting quests in his upcoming book: Dendromorphomety -the Art and Science of Measuring Trees in the Field.

LTI’s full line of professional measurement tools is great for mapping and many other field applications. See more information on the Professional Measurement section of our site.

Read the article in the American Surveyor magazine.

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