LTI TruPulse and Criterion RD 1000 Used Globally for Sustainable Forest Management

by KHarrold 12. December 2013 10:43

Sustainable forest management is an important issue because forests are a dynamic part of the conservation of biodiversity, energy supply, and soil and water protection. A recent video called Mapping Forests—The Path to Green Growth, highlights this information. The video shows a country with a model sustainable forest management program, Finland, who is striving to spread the word about their best practices. One of these shared practices is using the most modern and efficient equipment, including Laser Technology's TruPulse laser rangefinder and Criterion RD 1000 to assess the forest.

Finland is a prime example of sustainable forest management because they make sure that humans only use the amount that nature can replace. They promote values that remind people how the forest fits into the lives of people and the forest industry is ultimately still profitable. The Finnish Government and the United Nations Forest and Agriculture Organization (FAO) work together to help nations in need.

A country they are working with is Vietnam. In 2011, Vietnam formed the National Forest Assessment (NFA) program. This program has been moved along with the help of new tools used to make sure the best assessments of the current forests can be made.

Watch video on sustainable forest management: Mapping Forests - The Path to Green Growth

The video states that with this up-to-date technology, the forest data can be collected more quickly and efficiently. The LTI TruPulse laser rangefinder is used for mapping and height measurements in the forest of Vietnam and the LTI Criterion RD 1000 is used for diameter measurements and heights at which diameters occur. The Criterion RD 1000 is described as accurate, lightweight, multifunctional, dependable and relatively inexpensive and the TruPulse series as a low cost, high performance handheld laser rangefinder capable of measuring long range distances, heights and even azimuth. For more information on these and other professional laser measurement tools see LTI Professional Measurement Products, or call 1.877.OWN.A.LTI.

The FOA and LTI will continue striving to help professionals get the job done while protecting the sustainability of our planet's resources.

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