Laser Technology Announces Stockpile Volume Measurement Campaign

by KHarrold 16. January 2014 09:17

Laser Technology, Inc., (LTI) is offering construction and mining professionals the chance to start the new year right with new equipment that makes measuring stockpiles quick and easy. Up for grabs is a complete Stockpile Volume Measurement system that includes a BAP data collector preloaded with MapSmart® Volume Software & the TruPulse® 360 laser rangefinder. To enter into the drawing, anyone can take an online survey, visit LTI’s booth at ConExpo- Con/AGG, and/or attend a live webcast. Each activities allows the contestant one entry in the drawing, allowing up to three entries per person.

3 Chances to Win a Complete Stockpile Volume Measurement System

3 Chances to Win A Complete
Stockpile Volume Measurement System

First Chance: For one entry in the drawing, attend the LTI webinar "Quick and Safe Stockpile Volume Measurements," March 25 at 10 am (MDT) as they introduce professionals in the Aggregates industry ways to measure material stockpiles faster, safer and cheaper while still producing reliable and repeatable results. Derrick Reish, LTI's Sr. Product Manager, will walk attendees through the steps and demonstrate how easy it is to calculate your stockpile inventory with MapSmart® Volume Software & the TruPulse® 360 laser rangefinder. Also, hear from an industry leader, who will discuss & demonstrate how this one-person operation has been successful and profitable for their company. Watch the recorded webinar.

Second Chance: For an additional chance to win, visit LTI at ConExpo- Con/AGG, booth number 30139, Central Hall C1-C2, March 4-8, 2014. An LTI representative will show you how these simple point-and-shoot handheld lasers have the ability to measure directly to any type of surface and how the MapSmart software is easy and intuitive enough that anyone can do it. The initial cost of the system is nothing in comparison to all the time you'll be saving and having accurate volume and tonnage counts more frequently.

Third Chance: Lastly, anytime between now and the end of March anyone can take a simple survey about current methods of stockpile volume measurement and general occupational questions for another entry into the drawing. Complete the online survey now.

Promotion details and more information on LTI's laser-based measurement solution for measuring stockpiles can be found at Win A Complete Stockpile Volume Measurement System. In addition to the chance to win, participants in any one of these activities makes you eligible for special, limited time pricing.

Give yourself the gift of reliable accuracy and ease of use by-talking to a representative about our complete line of professional measurement products. Call 1.877.696.2584 or visit LTI's Professional Measurement today.


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