LTI Webinar: Quick and Safe Stockpile Volume Measurements

by Admin 13. March 2014 10:46

Join Derrick Reish, Sr. Product Manager of Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) for a 45-minute public webinar "Quick and Safe Stockpile Volume Measurements", and learn about LTI’s reflectorless laser technology - the quickest, safest and most affordable method available. Whether measuring aggregate, coal, wood chips, asphalt or anything else in your inventory, our lasers have the ability to measure to any surface without the use of a reflector.

Attendees will hear firsthand from a user in the industry that will walk through the steps and give a demonstration to show how easy it is to calculate your stockpile inventory with MapSmart™ + Volume software & the TruPulse® 360 laser rangefinder.

Quick And Safe Stockpile Volume Measurements Webinar

Recorded On
March 25, 2014
10:00 am (MDT)

All webcast registrants will qualify for special discount pricing and all attendees will be entered to win a complete stockpile volume system! Learn more this LTI's 3 Chances to Win promotion at Win A Stockpile Volume Measurement System.



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