Laser Technology and Bushnell The Laser Rangefinder Dream Team

by KHarrold 25. April 2014 10:26

Laser Technology, Inc., (LTI) and Bushnell have a longstanding partnership that started two decades ago. The companies teamed up in 1994 and designed the first low-cost recreational rangefinder for golfing and hunting. With the most advanced measurement engineering you can imagine, LTI and Bushnell were able to combine compact size with high performance and offer it at a consumer-level price. Two decades later the companies’ newest collaboration, the G Force DX laser rangefinder, received Outdoor Life "Great Buy" award during the Gear Field Test, May 2014.

G-Force DX Laser Rangefinder
Receives "Great Buy" Award from Outdoor Life

Scott Peterson, Product Manager at Bushnell, states that, "The Outdoor Life awards are like the Oscars for our industry." LTI's Engineering Manager, Neil Heeke said, "This result comes from the hard work of many people at LTI, Kamakura, and Bushnell."

For the low price of $399, the G-Force DX offers a wide variety of features including super sharp six power optics enhanced with Vivid Display Technology that dramatically improves contrast, clarity and light transmission. Equipped with rubber-armored metal housing the rangefinder is fully waterproof and comes with a built-in tripod mount.

The rangefinder boasts different modes to improve performance including, Bow-mode (provides true horizontal distance from 5-99 yards) and Rifle mode (provides bullet-drop/holdover in cm, inch, MOA and MIL). In addition, it has 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme Speed Precision) and selective Targeting System -Bulls Eye, Brush and SCAN modes.

The "Great Buy" award is proof that the 1994 goal of high performance offered at a more than reasonable price is still one that LTI and Bushnell will continue to meet, year after year.

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