Laser Technology, Inc. Releases Face Profiler Software V4.5

by Admin 30. April 2014 08:40

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) announced today the release of a new version of Face Profiler software. This software has been instrumental in helping professionals achieve that perfect blast. A cost-effective way to quickly, safely and accurately get the measurements needed when it comes to rock face profiling,

LTI's TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder, BAP
Data Collector and Face Profiler Software.

FaceProfiler features for QGVA and VGA software versions include:

  • XYZ Coordinates Captured – Now, azimuth values are captured and displayed for every measurement and users have the ability to capture the compass measurements from LTI lasers with compass modules as well as the angle measurements from a TruAngle device.
  • Review the Profile Data - Profile data can now be reviewed in three different ways - the Coordinate Table, Shot Table, or XY Map options. You can also leave the profile at any time to review the data, or adjust parameters to your needs, and even add, edit or delete shot notes.
  • Utilities Menu New Options - include a Coordinate Table where you can view shot coordinates and edit notes for a profile; XY map giving you the ability to view origins and profiles in relation to each other; the ability to select COM port and ensure connectivity between laser and Face Profiler software without having to leave the program and other options.
  • Fixed Angle Increment Drill Hole Parameters: New Options – Previously, the only options were Drill Angle Increment and Burden Value. New options that further pinpoint drill hole locations for precise burden values include:
    • Minimum burden/optimum burden
    • Max Angle field – If a value is entered here, Face Profiler will not report an angle that is greater than the capability of the equipment in use.
    • Stem value field
    • Subdrill value field

One person can capture the laser measurements needed in mere seconds with this software solution. Using LTI's Face Profiler software has proven to reduce production delays and increase safety as it accurately calculates bench heights, minimum and optimum burdens, drill hole angles and offsets, hole depths and more.

Face Profiler is compatible with multiple data collectors and currently supports three different languages - English, French and German.

LTI offers complete laser packages that enable users to obtain quick and accurate measurements for less than any alternative measurement system on the market. These packages include laser measurement products such as TruPulse laser rangefinders and MapStar TruAngle.

LTI customers who have already purchased versions 3.0 or newer get a free upgrade to the new Face Profiler 4.5 version of the software.

Read more information on LTI's Face Profiler and Blast Design; and then contact LTI at 1.800.OWN.A.LTI for more information or a demonstration today.


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