New LTI TruPulse Laser Measure App Takes Off at Alaska Airlines

by KHarrold 19. May 2014 08:12

Officially released to the public in April, 2014, Laser Technology's LaserSoft Measure App is now being used for airport surveys in Alaska. This app integrates with LTI's Bluetooth®-enabled TruPulse laser rangefinders allowing users to create and review multiple measurement projects and even store through-the-scope images of every measurement taken.

TruPulse 360B Laser Rangefinder
with LaserSoft Measure App

Cody Hargreaves, Alaska Airlines Flight Ops employee, reports how the app has improved his workflow when performing ground surveys. At Alaska Airlines, they develop satellite-based approaches and departures at select airports they serve. As part of the development and approval process, they have to verify that the required clearance from terrain, trees and man-made obstacles is maintained during all phases of flight.

Many airports are using LIDAR to get very accurate survey data. "In those spots we just go out and verify that the survey data is accurate with the Laser Technology TruPulse 360B laser rangefinder. We find the highest obstacle, measure it to confirm we get a similar result, then verify that no higher obstacles are present," states Cody. In remote areas of Alaska, there isn't LIDAR survey data available. They use what data they can find, then go out into the field and identify the highest obstacle, which is usually a tree, and record its height and location.

Before the New Measure App, the team at Alaska Airlines would have to use the TruPulse laser rangefinder to determine heights and record everything using pen and paper. Alaska Airlines' process is much simpler now that they use the LaserSoft Measure Application. "With the Measure App, all the info is on one page, so all we have to do is aim and fire the TruPulse, then move on to another location and do the same thing. It makes it much easier, faster, and removes the possibility for errors in writing down measurements and doing Trig on an iPhone calculator," states Hargreaves.

Don't wait to find out how the LaserSoft Measure App can work for you. Email or call 1-877-696-2584 for more information and to set up a practical demonstration.

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