Awaken your Inner GIS Solution with LTI Laser Data

by padkins 17. June 2014 10:08

Anyone who claims to be GIS-savvy knows what a significant investment field data collection hardware and software is when implementing a system. Not to mention the sophisticated databases that create those beautiful maps. The good news is that most field software already is set up to accept Laser Technology's (LTI) laser data string. This means that there is potential for GIS professionals to fully utilize the benefits of laser offsets and measurements without investing a lot of time or money to do so.

Are You Laser Ready?

GPS laser offset mapping and field measurements has proven to make things quicker, easier and safer. What makes the TruPulse laser rangefinder so valuable is that anyone can learn how to properly use it in less than 20 minutes and it's most likely compatible with the software you already work with. This makes the transition to using lasers in your everyday workflow fast and simple.

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Next steps? Visit LTI at booth #2417 at this year's Esri User Conference and ask if you are laser ready and if a quick reference guide on how to integrate your lasers with your current software is available. Also, please join us by registering for a live webinar addressing all the things you should know when considering lasers for mapping and field measurements.

Awaken Your Inner GIS Solution with LTI Lasers Webinar
Recorded July 30, 2014 at 10 AM (MST)
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All visitors who get their badge scanned at LTI's Esri UC booth #2417, who take the online poll or who attend this upcoming webinar will be entered to win one of three TruPulse 360 laser rangefinders for each activity.

Read more information on LTI products use in GIS / GPS Mapping and GPS Laser Offsets or call 1-877-696-2584 to set up an onsite demonstration today.

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