TruPulse and LaserSoft Measure App Catch Attention at Esri User Conference

by padkins 22. July 2014 09:01

Laser Technology's very own TruPulse laser rangefinder and LaserSoft Measure smartphone app were featured in Esri's "showcase showdown" blog covering the products and solutions that were on display at this year's Esri User Conference.

Kassie Carley, Laser Technology's Software Product Manager, is demonstrating a TruPulse 360R laser range finder with a built-in compass and Bluetooth®. This particular model was specially made with a transparent outer case that exposes all the electronics placed inside the laser rangefinder. Kassie was also demonstrating how to pair the laser with a smartphone via Bluetooth so it can work with LTI's LaserSoft Measure app.

Kassie Carley of LTI demonstrates LTI's TruPulse
& LaserSoft Measure App at Esri User conference.
(Photo taken by Esri)

For every shot taken, the app automatically imports all the raw measurements and even the calculated data, such as slope, vertical and horizontal distance as well as the degree of inclination and azimuth, which is a compass bearing referenced from magnetic North.

Taking it one step further, the TruPulse can also calculate solutions for height values as well as 2-D missing line measurement between two points within the same vertical plane. This is ideal for slope grade values.

With the compass add-on, anyone can measure the values between any two remote points. If a custom fit laser/smartphone bracket is being used, the app then can capture an image of each shot as seen through the seven-powered aiming scope in the laser. This laser data can then be stored and organized in project folders and later transferred to a PC for further post-processing.

For those getting started in the electronic data collection business, the TruPulse laser and Measure app is the perfect tool because the work flow and app interface is simple to operate and the upfront cost is minimal in comparison to other alternatives. From forestry and natural resource management to electric and public utilities, the applications for the TruPulse and Measure app are endless.

LTI's reps at the Esri User Conference
were kept busy with product demos.

Laser Technology also showcased other TruPulse laser models that offer iOS Bluetooth capabilities and a higher degree of distance and inclination accuracy. LTI's campaign this year promoted the fact that its lasers can integrate with almost any professional-grade GIS data collection software available in today's market. With the campaign message being, "Awaken your Inner GIS with Laser Data," the core message to this Esri group was that anyone who already invested into GIS hardware and software can easily upgrade to laser measurement and mapping and still utilize the existing process and equipment they already own.

For more details about GIS and lasers, attend LTI's upcoming webcast on July 30th at 10 am (MST).
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