TruPulse Laser Rangefinder on GIS Café Video Blog at Esri UC

by KHarrold 1. August 2014 11:17

At the recent 2014 Esri International User Conference, Kassie Carley, Solutions Product Manager at Laser Technology Inc. (LTI), was featured in a GIS Café video interview. LTI exhibited at the Esri UC July 14, 2014, through July 18, 2014 and Kassie was one of just 26 company representatives interviewed by GIS Café to promote innovative companies and products found at the conference.

Kassie Carley of LTI Interviewed at Esri UC

Kassie told the interviewer about the products that LTI highlighted during Esri UC including the TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder with the best distance and inclination accuracy, in addition to the TruPulse 360R and TruPulse 360B with TruVector 360° Compass Technology. She also explained that LTI is on a mission to "help people awaken their inner GIS with laser data," meaning that TruPulse lasers easily integrate with GPS/GNSS handhelds and data collectors as well as GIS mobile mapping software that professionals already own and use.

The truth is that the most popular data collection software programs already have a built-in laser GPS offset workflow that accepts the laser's data string with a Bluetooth connection or hardwire RS232 serial port. Software such as Esri's ArcPad®, LTI's LaserGIS for ArcPad, Trimble's Survey Pro, Survey Controller and TerraSync as well as Topcon's MAGNET Field all are already compatible to integrate with the TruPulse laser, they just need to be awakened. Some of the benefits from GPS laser offsets and laser field measurements are that you can map much quicker and smarter, reduce safety liability by not having to access dangerous areas and collect additional attribute data such as heights, elevations and spans. Kassie also spoke of "tech docs" that LTI has created to help people perform these software integrations with lasers.

Find out more information on Laser Technology and GIS/GPS mapping and call 1.877.696.2584 to set up a demonstration.

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