TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Syncs with Mobile Devices

by KHarrold 15. August 2014 14:27

GPS World hosted a live webinar during the 2014 Esri User Conference, partially focusing on high-precision GNSS with mobile devices. They followed the webcast with a blog to highlight and answer some of the pre- and post-webinar questions. One question that Esri UC attendees had was, "Do the TruPulse laser rangefinders integrate with smartphones and tablets?" The answer is, "Yes they do!"

LTI's TruPulse Syncs with Mobile Devices

People want to use their consumer devices in a professional capacity and some need high-precision GNSS receivers, so that's driving the demand for "add-ons" like Bluetooth GNSS receivers, laser rangefinders, and more," states the GPS World post Esri UC blog.

LTI's TruPulse family of lasers includes many Bluetooth® enabled lasers. Specifically, the TruPulse 200B, TruPulse 360B, TruPulse 360R and TruPulse 200X all integrate with Android® or Windows Mobile™ devices. The TruPulse 200X can even communicate with iOS devices. This ruggedized laser boasts the highest distance and inclination accuracy and has an in-scope LED display that can be adjusted to any lighting condition.

Allowing for electronic equipment to communicate wirelessly, Bluetooth has made GIS work easier and inspired the creation of the LTI's LaserSoft Measure App. For iOS and Android, the app is designed to sync with LTI's TruPulse laser rangefinders. Measure is a simple form of data collection utilizing a smartphone or tablet, that gets professionals one step closer to going electronic and eliminating the need for a pen and paper.

Measure users can create and review multiple projects and save data from up to four different measurement modes: horizontal distance, height, 2-D (or 3-D) missing line and angle. The Measure app is available now on the App Store or Google Play. You can simply search for "LaserSoft Measure" from your device to purchase and download.

Visit LTI's website to find out more about LTI's Bluetooth-capable TruPulse laser rangefinders or the LaserSoft Measure app. To talk to a sales representative about how LTI equipment can work for you or to set up a demonstration call 1-877-696-2584.

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