Laser Technology's GIS TruPulse Campaign Review

by KHarrold 22. August 2014 09:56

Inspired by the 2014 Esri User Conference, Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) began spreading the word to everyone who already invested in GIS hardware and software that they can easily transition to leveraging the benefits of laser measurements and GPS offset mapping with minimum training time and overall costs.

LTI set up camp at Esri UC to help professionals find out if they were already "laser-ready" and offered tech guides that explained how to integrate the TruPulse laser rangefinder with the most popular used data collection software on the market. LTI's Esri booth staff collected information from visitors about what software they used to gain a better understanding as to what other tech documents should be created next. Information about what software professionals are using was also collected online, via LTI's GIS Software Poll. Esri's ArcPad received top honors with 21.4% of participating professionals currently using that program. Trimble's TerraSync came in second with 16.2% of the vote, followed by Esri's Collector with 9.4%.

In addition to exhibiting at Esri UC and gauging market needs and trends, LTI also hosted a live webcast titled, "Awaken Your Inner GIS Solution with LTI Lasers," elaborating on the campaign that you can save time and money doing laser offsets and that most handhelds and software already have the function to accept the data string from a TruPulse laser. The webinar explained laser offset benefits such as the ability to collect the data you need regardless of accessibility, and the capacity to collect attribute data including heights, spans, slope grades and elevations with the TruPulse's simple aim and shoot operation. Watch the recording of the webinar below or view the presentation slides.

Awaken Your Inner GIS Solution with LTI Lasers
Recorded July 30, 2014

During the campaign LTI offered one entry into a drawing for each activity completed, giving attendees and participants up to three chances to win a TruPulse 360R laser rangefinder. With a rugged, waterproof exterior and LTI TruVector 360° Compass Technology, the TruPulse 360R is no small prize. After the webinar, the winners were randomly chosen and included Zach Wicks from Rhea Engineers & Consultants, Inc., Robert Voss, Senior Civil Engineer, and John Kilcullen, Director of Plans and Operations at Mobile County Emergency Management Agency. John states that the company will put the TruPulse 360R to good use and "We are always interested in easy to use, cost-effective means of using technology to enhance our planning for and response to emergencies."

For more information on how LTI lasers can work for you and your company, visit LTI's GIS mapping page or call 1-877-696-2584.

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