Laser Rangefinder Reviews: TruPulse 200B vs. Nikon 550A

by mphippen 27. January 2015 09:02

It all began in 1995, when Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) partnered with Bushnell Optics and released the very first recreational rangefinder for the hunting and golfing markets. LTI has since taken laser rangefinders further than anyone else in the world, including the release of all the TruPulse models.

As happened to LTI with the introduction of laser speed enforcement in 1990, competition began to imitate us, even trying to surpass an already uniquely designed and high performing instrument. What they discovered is that LTI set the bar pretty high. Fast forward six years and LTI began producing laser rangefinders with a compass and inclinometer; and with 65 patents to our credit dominated the hand-held professional measurement markets. Giant companies felt compelled to jump into this market, but LTI still stands strong because lasers are what we are good at as we remain focused on manufacturing the very best measurement technology possible at an affordable price.

A Consumer compares the TruPulse 200B
laser rangefinder and Nikon 550A laser.

LTI was just recently sent an unsolicited review comparing our TruPulse 200B rangefinder over Nikon's Laser 550A. Most of us know rangefinders are used in many professions such as survey, timber cruising, stockpile volumes, vegetation management, blast design, and of course, recreation. However, not all rangefinders are created equal.

Andy the author of the linked comparison lives in Canberra, Australia and works for the federal government there. He is a passionate 'Archer' and competes regularly. He's also naturally curious about things around him and says that "With archery, knowing distances is critical for accuracy and some competition forms allow the use of rangefinders. While I don't do those forms myself, it's not uncommon to be unable to ascertain the distance to a target even on a fixed distance field. Sometimes people move the targets." He further states, "I also test and review binoculars and spotting scopes. Being able to accurately relate their performance to a distance helps compare their respective capabilities. Overwhelmingly though, I love precision instruments and will grab onto any excuse to justify having one. The fascination of precision technology is a good reason to have a laser rangefinder."

Andy's review began after he received a Nikon Laser 550A for his birthday. He was immediately compelled to see what else was out there. After smashing out a quick Google search, he had a TruPulse 200B in his hands to directly compare to his unit (thank you Laser Technology Australia). He soon discovered the TruPulse offered many advantages over the Nikon unit.

What he noticed right away about the TruPulse 200B is that it:

  • Acquires a target much further out, almost doubling Nikon's range
  • Acquires the target much faster than Nikon’s unit
  • Uses standard batteries rather than a special battery that’s difficult to find
  • Displays range in tenths of a meter beyond 100 meters as opposed to Nikon's display of tenths up to 100 meters but no further

Still not quite convinced about what he was seeing Andy compared his array of measurements with Google Earth and was pleasantly surprised to discover the TruPulse numbers were right on the money! Andy was convinced! He put his Nikon up for sale and bought our 200B.

Read Andy's complete comparison, including photos, at this link: Consumer Compares & Reviews the TruPulse 200B vs. Nikon 550A.

Whether you’re a professional needing a high degree of accuracy and safety, or a sports enthusiast looking for an edge, why not use the best rangefinders on earth?

If you’ve not experienced the quick accuracy of the TruPulse series of rangefinders please contact us or call 1.877.OWN.A.LTI to arrange a practical demonstration.

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