Compass Tools, Inc. User Conference Features Laser Technology, Inc. Products

by dreish 8. April 2015 08:16

The annual Compass Tools, Inc., (CTI) User Conference was held on April 2, 2015, at Compass Tools headquarters in Centennial, Colorado. The conference was a full day of learning that included hardware and software demonstrations, new product showcases, and tips for best practices when collecting location-based data. Laser Technology, Inc., (LTI) equipment was among the featured products.

Kassie Carley and Derrick Reish of LTI answer
questions on measuring with LTI's products

CTI, a 20-year authorized dealer of LTI, invited us to their 2015 CTI Users Conference to demonstrate the MapSmart with Volume software solution, which can measure a stockpile of any material and calculate the volume right in the field. Kassie Carley, LTI Solutions Product Manager, and Derrick Reish, Professional Measurement Sr. Product Manager, discussed the challenges users face in stockpile measurements and presented safe, accurate and simple techniques for gathering data.

The attendees were at ease and very receptive after we started the presentation off with the Stockpile Man movie trailer.

We then demonstrated the different mapping methods, especially when working around heavy machinery, using a TruPulse 200X and the MapStar TruAngle. The main workflow we presented was the radial with azimuth method utilizing the TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder model. All of the different hardware configurations were available for hands-on use.

The CTI team jumped right in to mention there are more laser applications than just stockpile measurements. Daren Biggers, CTI Sales Manager, talked about using the TruPulse 360, Trimble GPS devices and Trimble software solutions to perform Laser GPS Offsets. He also mentioned the TruPulse models are great for forest inventory measurements (tree heights and canopies), all the way to measuring utilities pole attachments.

LTI would like to thank the CTI team for inviting LTI to their User Conference. We believe the attendees walked away with a better understanding how laser rangefinders can help their field measurement applications.

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