Stockpile Measurements – Are you doing it wrong?

by KHarrold 30. April 2015 13:53

There may not be a correct way to measure your inventory, but there is definitely a more efficient way, with Laser Technology's Stockpile Volume Solution.

Electric Data Solutions (EDS), a well-established Laser Technology (LTI) Authorized Dealer, featured the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) in a recent blog about their experiences with stockpile volume measurements.

ITD Measuring Stockpile with LTI's Stockpile Volume Solution.

ITD is required to take inventory of materials like salt, aggregates and gravel at multiple sites. Before they adopted LTI's solution, their measurement methods were inconsistent, and so were their results. After contacting EDS for a change in early 2014, ITD has a cost effective way to measure stockpile volumes that is safe, accurate, quick, and efficient.

With no need to climb on the pile and the ability to measure problematic piles that are covered or against the wall, a TruPulse laser rangefinder, and MapSmart + Volume solution delivers accurate results with a single operator.

"The Laser Technology system has improved ITD's stockpile volume measurement work flow by not only simplifying the process and increasing employees' safety, but also improving Accuracy during our annual inventory," reported ITD GIS analyst, Sydney Lewis.

Read the full story at How the Idaho Transportation Department Measures Stockpile Volumes.

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