Managing Tree Growth around Power Lines

by KHarrold 13. May 2015 14:34

A recent article by T&D World Magazine featured a Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) initiative to trim trees along 3,300 miles of power lines in Northern and Central New Jersey. The 24 million dollar project will help decrease the number of tree-related power outages and will be completed by certified forestry contractors.

TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Helps Manage
Tree Growth Around Power Lines

For large projects like this adopting Laser Technology, Inc., (LTI) measurement technology can increase productivity and reduce costs. Using LTI TruPulse laser rangefinders, field crews can measure the distance between the conductors and the encroaching vegetation from a safe location. There is no need to use a bucket truck to inspect the vegetation near the lines. The TruPulse also allows users to verify potential hazards in the ROW from a safe location, to support the NERC FAC-003-2 vegetation management requirements.

LTI's TruPulse laser rangefinders have several different measurement routines that can be utilized for a number of measurement applications, making data collection simpler. Because of our reflectorless technology, LTI lasers are capable of measuring directly to conductors and vegetation from a remote location. LTI's upcoming webcast titled "Electric Utilities Measurement Practices that Promote Worker Safety and Efficiency," will demonstrate how the routines are useful for measuring encroaching vegetation.

Read more information on the Electric Utilities Measurement Practices Webinar.

Speakers will explain how a quick, three-point height routine or the vertical distances measurement mode can calculate a height quickly & safely from almost any location. You do not need to be on level ground to perform these routines. Webcast attendees will also learn about the two-point, 3D missing line routine, within the TruPulse 360 that can measure the distance between the conductor and the encroaching vegetation.

Never again will you have to second guess the accuracy of your data or contemplate the safety of measuring in high voltage environments. The performance and reliability of LTI's instruments and solutions help eliminate these hazards altogether. To learn about the many applications for LTI'’s laser-based measurement equipment before the webcast, visit our Professional Measurement Solutions webpage now.

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