Laser Technology Receives Update from a Bill Carr Scholarship Recipient

by rturriff 4. January 2016 13:57

In 2013, Laser Technology, Inc. presented a $7,500 forestry grant to Zachary McLellan to honor the memory of Bill Carr, an industry leader and close collaborator with LTI.

Zachary McLellan receives Bill Carr Scholarship
presented by Nick Ackerson of Laser Technology.

Zachary doubled majored in Forestry: Ecological Forest Management and Arboriculture & Landscape Management and has a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Paul Smith's College in New York.

Currently, Zachary is hoping to work in the forestry and arboriculture industries in southern Vermont and feels that this scholarship is going to help him achieve that goal. We hope Zachary will be conducting his future work with LTI products and wish him the best of luck in the future!

LTI is committed to supporting past, current and future forestry professionals with our products, complete solutions, training and educational support. For more information on professional measurement products for forestry applications call 1-303-649-1000 or contact LTI to find out about pricing, availability and free product demonstrations.

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