Laser Technology, Inc. Announces $300 Voucher Details

by rturriff 12. January 2016 07:46

Laser Technology, Inc. is beginning an exciting new promotional offer that can save you hundreds of dollars off complete solutions, which include hardware and software. Throughout 2016, you will be seeing $300 vouchers being promoted with various trade show conferences throughout the world. These vouchers can be applied for three hundred United Stated dollars (USD) off of up to 5 complete packages that includes specific LTI TruPulse® lasers or the TruPointTM 300 (listed below), an Archer 2 data collector or Cedar tablet and LTI software for Professional Measurement markets.

The packages that qualify for LTI's $300 voucher are:

Face Profiler Software Solution
MapSmart w/ Volume Software Solution
T&D Pro Software Solution
Log Deck Software Solution
QuickMap 3D Android Software Solution
One of these TruPulse laser models must also be included in the package:

LTI PN#: 7006850 TruPulse 360 R
LTI PN#: 7006875 TruPulse 200X
LTI PN#: 7006880 TruPoint 300

If you are interested in purchasing the TruPulse 200X with the addition of a MapStar TruAngle accessory, the discount will apply to that combination as well. The promotions are being advertised around specific trade show conferences, but if you cannot make it to the show, the $300 voucher can still be available to you via download from a registration form found on LTI's website. Each show voucher expires 3 months after the first day of the show with a limit of 5 complete packages one organization can purchase. Please contact LTI for offer restrictions.

If you have any questions about this promotion, contact us at 1.303.649.1000 or toll free at 1.877.696.1584.

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