Foresters on the Hunt for Champion Trees

by rturriff 8. April 2016 09:58

Arborists, foresters, environmental advocates, and tree enthusiasts are on the hunt for the biggest trees in America. Each year, from March through National Arbor Day, nominations are submitted to the American Forests in hopes of discovering a new champion tree. In order to be considered a champion, challenger trees are identified by points that are calculated from the girth, height and crown size of the tree.

TruPulser 360 helps big tree hunters
get accurate measurements.

The hunters say this search becomes just a way of life. However, there is concern that some of these enthusiasts may be gathering incorrect measurements. Past champions have been dethroned because of mis-measurements and American Forests are looking carefully at all of the trees that have been previously crowned champions.

To resolve these issues and verify measurements of nominated trees, American Forests is in constant contact with 27 highly trained measurers known as the National Cadre, who have the final word on winners. In fact, the LTI TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder is the unofficial equipment choice of the National Cadre. The TruPulse 360 is only one of the laser rangefinders that tree-hunting experts can use to combat incorrect measurements.

Combine the TruPulse 360 with Criterion RD 1000 and you will be able to measure the diameter of tree stems, verify heights and determine missing lines, all from a remote position.

LTI co-hosted a webinar series with American Forests to educate these big tree hunters on the latest measuring guidelines from the National Big Tree Program. The webinar series walked attendees through the components of the equation used to crown a national champion tree: crown size, girth and height. Learn more about the three-part webinar series: Measurement Tools & Techniques for Forestry.

Continue the search for a new champion tree and learn more about how LTI laser rangefinders can help forestry professionals, like you, collect the most accurate measurements.

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