Join LTI at the 2016 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo

by rturriff 29. April 2016 09:51

Join Laser Technology, Inc. at the 2016 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition. Professionals from more than 700 companies and 80 countries will flood Dallas from May 3-5 for the biggest and most collaborative show in the Transmission and Distribution industry.

As the largest and most exciting IEEE PES T&D show to date, attendees will hear new, groundbreaking ideas, learn about emerging technologies, and discover the most innovative projects. Don't forget about the keynote speaker, Hall of Fame NLF player, Emmitt Smith!

In booth #1636, LTI will be showcasing products for utility professionals like the touch-screen activated, intuitive T&D Pro Field Data Collection Software that calculates and stores conductor height, clearance, as well as sag and tension values right in the field. Written specifically for non-surveyors, this software makes transmission and distribution tasks straightforward.

Combine it with the TruPulse 200X and TruAngle and gather measurements safer and more efficiently than ever before. This combination allows professionals to collect all of the information needed without measuring wheels, height sticks or total stations. Just grab a TruPulse 200X and take the needed measurements from a less-dangerous location ensuring the safety of workers, all while producing highly accurate and repeatable results.

Also, don’t forget to check out a new laser from LTI, the TruPoint 300. The TruPoint 300 is a fully integrated laser with vertical and horizontal angle encoders capable of producing 3-dimensional, survey-grade measurements. With fully integrated MapStar Angle Technology, the TruPoint 300 will measure the distance between two remote points and has onboard solutions for volume, heights, 2D and 3D areas.

In celebration of our 30th year in business, whoever stops by LTI's booth #1636 will receive a $300 voucher towards a complete solution.

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