LTI's Laser System Saves Time and Money While Mapping for Construction Company

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The TruPulse, TruAngle and MapSmart Software System Great Tool To Map Construction Sites.

Product Testimonial and User Story - Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.

Civil engineer Greg Lipp began working for his father's full-service construction and excavating company and eventually became a full partner. After enough horrible experiences using a 300-foot tape for field measurements or dealing with expensive and complicated total stations, Greg felt it was time to try something else. He discovered he could save both time and money while mapping and creating his own as-built drawings for the County Health Department by adopting the TruPulse and TruAngle and integrating with MapSmart software.

"I can go out to any site, set up my LTI laser system and instantly start mapping in the septic tank, sewer line, distribution box, well, corner of the house and anything else the county needs to verify isolation distances on," explains Greg.

Depending on the worksite and the point of view from the laser setup, Greg switches back and forth between shooting to a prism that someone is holding or taking shots directly to objects or markers that aren't within reach.

"The results I can get from the LTI system are quick, reliable and repeatable. The beauty is that I'm not a surveyor, but I can still create scaled, detailed as-built drawings on the sites I'm working on," says Greg.

The uses of the LTI laser system expand further than that. Greg upgraded his software for volume measurements so he can accurately measure topsoil or aggregate base saved for respread. "Knowing how much material there is to respread allows us to build to the proper subgrade elevation and respread all the stockpiled material to a uniform depth," Greg explains.

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Product Testimonial

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