Groundbreaking Hybrid Measurement Technology to be Unveiled at INTERGEO 2016

by rturriff 15. September 2016 11:20

Whether it be brand-new technology, a secret room or awesome giveaways, Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) has a ton of exciting things happening at INTERGEO 2016. The overall theme this year is twofold: "Stand Anywhere" and "Position and Measure Anything."

Attendees can find out more about what this theme entails Oct. 11-13 at Booth C3.043 in Hall 3 as LTI introduces intelligent smartphone apps, an indoor mapping laser and something brand new to the market called Hybrid Measurement Technology (HMT).

Here's a glimpse of some of the innovative LTI offerings on display at this year's INTERGEO event:

Hybrid Measurement Technology

In unveiling the company's next first-to-market laser that includes HMT, LTI has combined distance, accuracy, intelligence and speed to create a never-before-seen technology that fits in your hand. Built the way you would build it yourself, LTI's hybrid technology gives users the flexibility to:

  • Obtain extremely high accuracy at long ranges
  • Capture highly accurate short-range measurements, indoors or outdoors
  • Ensure targeting in every situation with bright a HUD LED display


MapSmart on Android

LTI will showcase the next generation of mapping in the MapSmart on Android, in which users get all the features they know and love on their own personal device! Users of this great app can embrace the easiest way to work and:

  • Make immediate decisions with real-time calculations and results right in the field
  • Map anything anywhere, with or without GPS
  • Enhance point possibilities with the ability to add notes, attributes, photos and heights
  • Improve workflow with wireless data transfer

TruPoint with LaserSoft CORe

As the first phase laser from LTI, the TruPoint 300 produces survey-grade accuracy, is extremely compact, offers on-board storage and calculations, and delivers ultimate precision in tight spaces, all for thousands less than conventional total stations. Add in LTI's LaserSoft CORe app and users get a seamless solution that allows them to collect, organize, and report all of their measurements from any location with ease.

Use this great combination technology to:

  • Increase stability, safety and speed with the laser’s remote fire capabilities
  • Organize data and images into categories and sub-categories to classify the information
  • Capture photos with the laser’s camera and automatically associate them with each measurement
  • Transfer reports wirelessly via email

Celebrate with LTI

It's our 30th year anniversary and we are thanking you, our customers. Join in the fun at INTERGEO and take the #HybridGO Challenge for a chance to win prizes from LTI including an iPad Pro, gift cards and cool LTI promotional items. Stop by Booth C3.043 in Hall 3, grab a game card, and follow the instructions on the back of the card. Be on the lookout for five of Laser Tech executive's team at the show for a chance to win even more prizes. Happy hunting!

Learn more about LTI's anniversary celebration at INTERGEO, and before attending, visit to take a survey and see information on future product developments and more!

We hope to see you in October!

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