Laser Technology Inc. and TAXUS IT to Host "Forest Measurement with the Polish Perspective" Webinar

by Admin 31. October 2016 13:27

Are you looking for an alternative way to gather forest inventory? A way that will make it quick, simple and even enjoyable? Laser Technology, Inc. is hosting a webinar with co-sponsor TAXUS IT to share a joint solution that helps foresters do just that.

Forest Measurement with the Polish Perspective
Recorded November 9th, 2016 at 10 AM (MDT), 6PM (CEST)

An experienced Polish forester, Michał Waluś, will explain to attendees how the combination of LTI's TruPulse 360° B and TAXUS IT's tMap Android application makes updating the forest digital map a simple task. The combination allows foresters around the world to calculate forest surfaces after the removal of trees, fires or wind damage and measure to linear objects, like roads and paths. The solution makes it possible to create up-to-date, accurate and completely legible forest maps quickly and safely. Waluś will introduce attendees to the solution, provide a walk-through of the measuring process, explain frequently used techniques and give useful benefits of the system.

The Laser Technology, Inc. TruPulse 360° B measures distances, heights, remote span values and azimuth. The unit possesses Bluetooth® capabilities for wireless data collection and can solve 3D missing line calculations between any two remote points. It is ideal to integrate with GPS devices for efficient remote GIS offset data capture.

TAXUS IT's tMap software is a mobile field mapping software for Android devices. It allows users to collect, edit and display geospatial data. A mapping tool that integrates GPS receivers and rangefinders, tMap lets users create maps, collect data and share it with other users.

Webinar attendees will also be entered to win the complete solution, a TruPulse 360° B and the tMap software!

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