LTI's MapSmart Mapping Software Now Available on Android

by Admin 19. May 2017 12:38

Laser Technology is excited to announce that our MapSmart field data collection software is now available on the Android platform! Integrating easily with LTI's TruPoint and TruPulse laser devices for a complete total station solution, professionals can collect data while out on the job safely, accurately and quickly.

LTI's MapSmart on Android

MapSmart on Android is easy to use as it is has been designed to perform like other smartphone apps that are on the market today. Affordably and competitively priced, it is cost-effective with no annual subscription fees. Professionals have found that they can spend more time actually mapping and collecting the data needed, than learning how to use the program because of how easy and intuitive it is to operate. Used in Construction, Forestry and GIS applications, MapSmart on Android offers an improved workflow with the ability to transfer field data wirelessly and keep your software updated automatically through Google Play.

Some Key Features of MapSmart are:

  • Capture real-time calculations right in the field to save for later or even eliminate post-processing steps.
  • Measure and calculate stockpile volumes as often as you want from a safe location.
  • Import your georeferenced data into mapping applications such as Google Earth and Esri's ArcGIS.

The ability to map, measure or position anything is at your fingertips with MapSmart on Android, an LTI laser device, and smart device.

Read LTI's press release for more information on the newly released LaserSoft MapSmart 4.X for Android.

Read GPS World article on MapSmart App.


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