New Mapping Techniques for Mobile Mapping at GEOSmart Asia 2017

by Admin 14. August 2017 11:08

Join Laser Technology's Christopher Yuen, Asia Regional Sales Manager, at GeoSmart Asia 2017 and learn how one man can do the job of 10! LTI's mobile mapping system utilizing the Android platform, laser rangefinders and GNSS will be the topic at the Bringing Freedom to Mobile Mapping – New Mapping Techniques with Android and GNSS. A part of the Surveyors’ Workshop Session: Trending Technologies in Surveying and Mapping held on August 24th beginning at 09:00 hours, Yuen will demonstrate and discuss how departments can create a low-cost mobile mapping system and the advantages of having these systems versus other systems. Attendees will learn how these products can help you save time and collect the data needed quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

LTI's MapSmart on Android field data collection software along with our laser devices have paved the way for GIS professionals to map, measure and position smarter. Specifically designed for ease of use and operation, users can gather the information needed and enjoy the freedom of mobility.

Attend the Mobile Mapping session mentioned above and take the time to swing over to Booth #20 where LTI will be showcasing MapSmart on Android along with other professional laser measurement devices by Laser Technology. We look forward to seeing you there!

GeoSmart Asia, previously called Map Asia and Asia Geospatial Forum, will be held August 22nd - 24th at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre in Malaysia. This premier event on geospatial technology and application is now in its 16th year since inception and has become on one the most sought after conferences in the region. This year's theme is Commercialization & Commoditization of Geospatial Information, and the conference is expected to provide geospatial technology professionals a chance to enrich learning, network with peers, and explore new applications and products.

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